ACTS 29.

christian education

On Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights and in homes at other times during the week A.C.T.S. 29 will provide training and caring for people who will then make an impact in our world, sharing the message of life in Jesus Christ and being the “Monday Morning Church” while “Pursuing His Priorities”, leaving a “Mark” while working “In Unity” as we are “Going For Greatness and Learning to Love." And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. ~1 Corinthians 13:13 (NKJV)


GPH Curriculum

Rev. Jerry Schloe
Unit 1: Kings of Judah
One might wonder how studying the history of God's people and the lives of long-deceased kings might apply to Christians in the twenty-first century. This unit reminds us that the great truths of faith over doubt and despair, of trust in God over self-reliance, and of humility over arrogance-remninders we need today as they did in the days of Judah's kings.

Unit 2: The Christian Family
How would you describe your family life growing up? Did you experience strong family ties built over generations of faith in Christ? Or do your memories bring apathy, regret or even resentment? A persons' family experiences can greatly impact their relationships with others, and even pose unique challenges in their walk with God. This unit examines what Scripture teaches about family from biological, social, and spiritual perspectives. It looks at God's instructions regarding the foundations of a godly family, and can help us develop healthy relationships regardless of our past experiences.
Rev. Jerry Schloe

A Spirit-Empowered Life

Edgar Trujillo
How do you pursue the fullness of God? In his new book, Mike Clarensau examines five action steps toward a Spirit-empowered life: connect, grow, serve, go and worship. A Spirt-Empowered Life features stories of others living out these steps as well as a "Think About It" section at the end of each chapter. Engage the material and explore how to apply it to your own life. Get started on a path today to pursue God's absolute best in every area of your life.
Edgar Trujillo


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