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Serve Teams

We love our serve teams! With chances to serve around every corner, you won't have a hard time finding a serve team!

We believe that serving in a tool of discipleship! Watch how you will grow in your relationship with God and with others when you join a serve team!

  • Live sound operator.

  • Broadcast sound operator.

  • Lighting operator and designer.

  • Lyrics.

  • Camera operators.

  • Technical Director.

  • Video editor.

  • Graphic designer.

  • Photography

  • Live Host.

  • Online Host.

First Impressions
  • Greeter.

  • Usher.

  • Safety Team.

  • Parking Lot Team.

  • Host.

  • Main Instruments, (Keys, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums.)

  • Special Instruments, (Violin, Trumpet, Flute, Trombone, Saxophone.}

  • Vocalist.

  • Check-ins host.

  • Service volunteer.

  • Pre-school teacher.

  • Toddler care.

Student Ministry
  • CrossFire volunteer.

  • Student Sponsor.

  • Student Worship Team

Food Prep
  • Guest central refreshments.

  • Special event kitchen staff.

  • Making meals for those in need.

  • Sunday morning transport.

  • Special event driver.

  • Groundskeeping.

  • Building caretaker.

Follow Up
  • Card writing.

  • Hospital visits.



is just

the start!

How Do I Get Started?


Let us know

Let us know right away that you are interested in serving! We want to get you going and learn about what you are most interested in. We are eager to get your valuable perspective!


growth track

What is GrowthTrack? GrowthTrack is a tool we use to help you understand what we believe as a church and a way for you to see what ministry areas would be a great match for you!


Get going!

We don't want to delay, if you are ready to serve we are ready to get you plugged in. Our serve teams differ on how long it takes to get you going, but what you can do right away is this Sunday tell someone at the door that you are interested in serving and meet some of the team leads and people you will be serving with!





GrowthTrack is a 4 week class that takes place at the church Sunday's at 9AM (before church) and ends at 9:50AM. It is taught by our lead pastor, Pastor Joe Adams.

Each week focuses on a new element of your involvement at The Worship Center. You will learn what we believe as a church and our core doctrine. You'll be able to learn about your personality and how that plays into all the serving oprotunities we have here at The Worship Center.

You get a free T-Shirt and refreshments every Sunday as you go through the class. We believe this is a great first step to getting you involved in serving at The Worship Center. We look forward to seeinging you!




1st sunday of the month

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2nd sunday of the month

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3rd sunday of the month

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4th sunday of the month

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  • What happens if I miss a week?

No worries! Since GrowthTrack repeats every month you can just catch the session you missed the following month.

For example if you missed the 3rd week in January just go to the 3rd week in February.

  • Do I have to finish GrowthTrack before I can start serving?

It completely depends on the area you are interested in serving. For some you can hop right in and others require completing all 4 weeks. We want to be sure to set you up to succeed!

  • How old do you have to be to do GrowthTrack?

Old enough to serve! Though GrowthTrack is a program geared for older teenagers up we have seen young people eager to serve go through the program.

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